40. Emotioneering Social Media

September 11, 2021

Melissa Curran CEO and Founder of the Modern Mind Group talks about Emotioneering Social Media

Social media, whether we embrace it or not, is here to stay. It can definitely affect our mindset and can be a challenge to navigate. Knowing what to post, how the culture of that platform works, how our ego affects how we feel about it and what stops us from posting. 

In this episode recorded live on Clubhouse,  we discuss and answer the questions below - 

  • What do we mean about emotioneering social media?
  • What shall I post?
  • How do I posr?
  • Why aren't they linking my posts?
  • Does everyone see my posts? 
  • What happens to our mental health when we use social media?

Welcome to the Emotioneering podcast - created by the Modern Mind Group - Emotioneering Learning & Performance through coaching, courses and consultancy. 

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